Please take the following rules into account so we all can have a pleasant time during this course.


  • Use your laptop ONLY for taking notes. Everything else can and will be a distraction for you, but more importantly, the people around you.
  • Try to be present. There are no obligatory books, so the multitude of the knowledge is taught during the lectures. Also, seen we do a lot of practical work, your group will rely on your presence as well.
  • Try to be in time. If you fail, enter the classroom quitelly.

Assignments & questions

  • Deadlines are non-negotiable. If you dog ate your homework, do it again. If you do have a valid reason or problems, notify the TA or the lecturer in time.
  • Questions? Consult the website, ask your classmates or your TA, in that order. If it can wait until the next lecture, ask it there. If those option can’t apply, email the lecturer.
  • Use email the right way. First, be sure to email the right person, then be sure to use the subject. Start with [INFOB2GO] then a clear description of the content of the mail. Use [P#.#] (for example [P2.1]) if the mail is about a practical assignment.