The course

Note: The information currently provided on this site is of the year 2016/2017. New content will soon be available.

The Game Design course (or Game-ontwerp in Dutch) is given by Niels Aust and Anne Boumans as part of the Game Technology curriculum at Utrecht University, and it is also part of the games&interaction track of the Informatiekunde bachelor. The course is open to other students who are interested in games and game development.

The course will introduce students to game design in a broad sense. There are three aspects covered:

  1. Analyzing game design. You will learn terminology and theories, and apply these in the second and third assignment and the exam.
  2. The role of the game designer. Communicating game ideas, creating design decisions, and properly evaluating a prototype.
  3. Knowledge about game design and the game development world. Knowing a game designer’s vocabulary is important to properly communicate in a development team.

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