Lecture 1: Introduction to Game Design (course) & History of games


Introduction to Game Design (course & field)

This lecture we look at what game-design is in general and what this course will try to teach you. We also explain what the practical assignments will be like in general and make groups for assignments 1 and 2.

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History of games

We discuss the origin and history of games to get an understanding of the field, the changes that happened and the reasons for that, so we create a perspective and get and idea of past, present and future trends.

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For background information and entertainment purposes.

Tennis for Two – First Video Game – Wiki 
80s Consoles
Timeline of all gaming consoles
1983 North American Video Game Crash

A Brief History of Video Games

Original Tetris on the Electronico 60

King of Kong documentaire (trailer)


DOS games in the browser
Browser based Arcade games
Game Dev Tycoon – replay game development history