Totally voluntary, but very good for inspirational purposes, is homeplay. Instead of playing games you are used to, play a game from the list below to broaden your game-design horizon.

  • DOS games (playable in the browser) & Browser based Arcade games
    Replay history to get an understanding for how games evolved through the years.
  • Game Dev Tycoon
    Replay game development history
  • Dear Esther
    A game without a classic goal.
  • Inside
    Playdead’s newest game. This is a side-scrolling puzzle platformer that tells a story without any text or speech. It’s pretty awesome.
  • Journey
    Cooperative multiplayer game about discovery.
  • Braid
    Solving physical puzzles in a standard platform game environment with different time-based game mechanics.
  • Any Uncharted game
    Storytelling at its finest by Naughty Dog

Please use the comment section below to mention the game(s) you’d recommend to you classmates and why.