Frequently asked questions

Feel free to ask your questions below. The questions that are applicable to all students or generally good-to-know information will be transformed into a “frequently asked question”.

What literature is obligatory?

None of the mentioned literature, media, articles or links are obligatory. Only the slides and the information shared in the lectures are obligatory. The other material however will help you. They do complement the lectures greatly.

Am I obligated to be at the lectures?

No (and yes). However, since the lectures are the only real source of information, it would be very unwise not to attend. Also, if it is mentioned in a practical assignment or otherwise that some input from the student is needed, like giving feedback to pitches, you are obligated to attend?

But what if I really can’t come due to [fill in valid reason]?

E-mail the lecturer. Explain the situation. You might get a replacement assignment.

Am I obligated to attend the practicums?

Yes. A great deal of your grade depends on the practical assignments. To do this well, you need feedback and guidance or your TA. You should report your progress with your team every week. If you do not, you might get points deducted from your assignment, individually or as a team, depending on who is absent frequently.