Practical Assignment 3: Analysis


In the third practical assignment you will analyze two different games. In this analysis you will explain how the concrete implementation of a game leads to an abstract experience. It is very useful to practice the ability to see how concrete implementation choices affect the generated experience. It allows you to better predict the outcomes of your design decisions, thus leading to
better games.

In the first part of the assignment you will analyse one game. After receiving graded feedback on your analysis, you will analyse another game in the second part of the assignment. You can write the analyses in Dutch.


Grades and feedback for 3.1

Grades and feedback for 3.2

Assignment documents

A document with detailed information concerning this assignment, can be found here:

Game Design Assignment 3 – Analysis

The template to be used to analyse the games:

Practicum 3 template


16-3-2017 (Thursday)
Before 23.59: Submit the first analysis (Subtask 1).

9-4-2017 (Sunday)
Before 23.59: Submit the second analysis (Subtask 2).