Practical Assignment 2: Prototype


The second practical assignment focuses on the game design itself. It represents one large cycle in the iterative game design process. You will not ‘just’ design a game, but you will need to think consciously how to achieve the desired experience, make the prototype and evaluate the design using playtesting.

Assignment document

A document with detailed information concerning this assignment, can be found here:

Game Design Assignment 2 – Prototype (PDF)


The group-grades for assignment 2 are known and available in this PDF.
IMPORTANT! The grades are for the entire group. It is possible that the individual grades are different for people known to not having contributed (enough) to the project.

Individual grades will become available later.

Assignment templates

These template must be used for the sub-tasks of this assignment.


5-3-2017 (Sunday)
Before 23.59: Submit subtask 1 (vision document; use the 2.1 template) to

30-3-2017 (Thursday)
Before 23.59: Submit subtask 3 (design & prototype) to (use WeTransfer for big projects)

30-3-2017 (Thursday)
Before 23.59: Submit subtask 4 (playtest research plan; use the 2.4 template) to

7-4-2017 (Friday)
Before 23.59: Submit subtask 5 (playtest evaluation report; use the 2.5 template) to