Practical Assignment 1: Concept Pitch


The first practical assignment concerns the communication aspects of the game designer role. It is very important for a game designer to successfully convey ideas about the game. The assignment must be done in teams of (preferably) 5 students. Make sure to read this document on teamwork.

You will make a design a concept, document it, pitch it to classmates, give feedback to each other and evaluate that feedback.

Assignment document

A document with detailed information concerning this assignment, can be found here:

Game Design Assignment 1 – Pitch (PDF)


See at what time the pitches are in the pitch schedule.


You give feedback using this form on every group outside of the session you are in. So if you are in session 1, you give feedback on the groups in session 2, 3 and 4.

UPDATE: All the feedback can be viewed in this enormous Google Sheet.


Grades for the pitches are available in this PDF

Grades for the entire assignment, plus feedback for 1.1 and 1.4 are available in this document: Assignment 1 – team grades

Update (27-3-2017): Individual grades are available here (protected on UU site)


09-02-2017 (Thursday)
before 23:59: Submit your team

20-02-2017 (Monday)
before 23.59: Submit subtask P1.1 (concept)

23-02-2017 (Thursday)
before 17.00​: Submit your presentation slides pdf​ by mail to game.ontwerp.2017 at

24-02-2017 (Friday)
13.00-17:00: Pitch presentations.

24-02-2017 (Friday)
before 19.00​: Submit subtask P1.3 (feedback) using this form

28-02-2017 (Tuesday)
before 23.59: Submit subtask P1.4 (evaluation report)