Practical assignments

There are three practical assignments during this course. These assignments are split into smaller subtasks with each a deadline. As a result, some of the tasks must be done in a short period of time and thus requires an active participation of the student.


Assignment 1 and 2 are group assignments, assignment 3 is done individually. All assignments are handed using blackboard.


A first version of the team composition is determined. This list is still subject to change. Contact the TA if you have questions or concerns.

Assignment 1: Concept, Planning and Pitch

Assignment 2: Prototype, Design & Playtesting

To edit your movie for the presentation, you can use Windows Movie Maker if you have a Windows platform or iMovie if you have an Apple computer. One of those should be available by default on the operating system of your computer.

If not, you should have access to the following list of software via MyWorkplace provided by the University.

Assignment 3: Analysis

Practical sessions

The practical sessions are on Fridays from 13:15 until 15:00. These sessions will be used to do your project reviews. The TAs are available and will guide you during this session. Use this time well. Find the location of the sessions on the UU website.

Teaching assistants

The teaching assistants will help you with the assignments. You can contact them during the sessions on Friday or by e-mail. See the contact page for their details.