Practical assignments

The assignments are split into smaller parts with each a deadline. As a result, some of the tasks must be done in a short period of time and thus requires an active participation of the student. There are practicum sessions scheduled where the teaching assistants are present to assist.

The deadlines are final. Causes of delay such as illness, crashed computers or teamwork difficulties should be accounted for in advance. Postponement is only granted in very exceptional cases.

There are three practical assignments during this course. Find the explanation and all related content of each assignment on the individual pages, when available, linked below.


Practical Assignment 1: Concept Pitch

Practical Assignment 2: Prototype

Practical Assignment 3: Analysis

Assignment 1 and 2 are group assignments, assignment 3 is done individually.


The teams have been formed. Take a look at the list (updated 19 Feb @ 16:38) to see your group members, -number and TA.

If you are not on the list, contact Eva Timmer ASAP at:  game.ontwerp.2017 at

Practical sessions

The practical sessions are on Fridays from 15:15 until 17:00. The TAs are available during this session. Use this time well. Find the location of the sessions on the UU website.

Group 1 – Hugo
Group 2 – Eva
Group 3 – Kylian
Group 4 – Fergus
Group 5 – Niels & Anne available for questions (and walking around)

Teaching assistants

The teaching assistants will help you with the assignments. You can contact them during the sessions on Friday or by e-mail.

Eva Timmer: e.n.timmer at
Kylian Kuijer: k.kuijer at
Hugo Hogenbirk: h.d.hogenbirk at
Fergus de Mari: c.f.demari at